We Provide Taxi Services In Turnbridge Wells & Paddock Wood

Your Safety is Our Number One Priority

TAPPZ CARS has taken strict security measures and implemented safety practices for the safety of both passengers and drivers. We believe that passengers trust our drivers and it is imperative for us to make sure everything is perfect before they start their trip.

As customers will always choose to travel with those taxi drivers that seem trustworthy, we don’t want to break their trust in any way whatsoever. That’s why all of our drivers are DBS checked and monitored by the local authority. Doing so helps us create a safe environment for our esteemed passengers and also gives them peace of mind as well.

To manage road risks for taxi drivers, passengers, and other road users, our drivers go through extensive training. Our licensed and professional drivers ensure theirs and your safety by following the safety regulations all the time. Moreover, the local authority not only imposes conditions for the overall safety of everyone but also closely monitors all vehicles.

Our drivers also go through training that focuses on improved and more productive working.  The training programs also foster learning practices and activities. Thanks to the training, our drivers are always polite and respectful to the passengers. We understand the work-rest cycle in our profession and that’s why we make sure the taxi drivers are fresh and active before starting a trip. Usually, our taxi drivers work 9-12 hours per day. We also keep night shifts to a minimum to help our drivers remain fully active.

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