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Easiest way around

Traveling around the Town/City is made super easier by TAPPZ CARS with local drivers who know the Town/City very well and can take you to your destination quickly and safely. All you need to do is just book a Taxi/PHV with a few clicks to ride with us and that’s pretty much it (it is convenience at its absolute best). The user-friendly TAPPZ CARS app empowers you to travel anywhere with ease. Just login with your mobile number or Email ID, request a Taxi/PHV with one tap and the closest available Taxi/PHV will be on your way in minutes. You can also see driver's name, photo, ratings and license plate as well as the ETA on a live map. It’s easy peasy!


Anywhere, anytime

Are you tired of waiting, uncomfortable cars, high rates, and poor service? TAPPZ CARS is a premium on-demand Taxi App that enables you to get a good cab-hailing experience every single time, no exception. We fully understand that your time is valuable and our app enables you to get a reliable ride in minutes, at any time and on any day of the year. When you request a ride, the app automatically suggests a convenient place to meet your driver. This means that you can get to your desired destination without any hassle whatsoever. As there are thousands of destinations and drivers, you can go anywhere with TAPPZ CARS.


Low-cost to luxury

As the most reliable and affordable ride-hailing app, it is our utmost priority to meets the needs of all our esteemed customers. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable, low-cost ride or a luxurious one, we have a high range of vehicles available for you. As we continuously strive to meet the requirements of all passengers, we offer a ride option for every occasion and every budget. All you have to do is just choose what's best for you from our four categories of rides: (1) Executive (2) MPV (3) MPVX (4) Any Vehicle. For you, we have 8 seater Large MPV, 6-seater MPV, 4-seater Sedan, and 4-seater luxury vehicle available – choose as you like.

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